BENJAMIN CRUTCHER – “Clark / Spaghettiman”

When not hanging out on set with his buddy Kevin Hart, shooting Verizon commercials, Ben spends much of his time in tiny, dark theaters around Los Angeles perfecting his comedic timing and stagecraft. Ben lives his characters life, both on book – and off, thanks to his many years of study with IO West, Miles Stroth, UCB, and the Improv Space. His wanderlust for new experiences guides him through life. Ben is prepared to carry any amount of weight placed on his shoulders and will not stop until he has accomplished his number one goal: be the most recognizable beard in the world.


Winston is an actor/improvisor from Tulsa, OK. He performs sketch comedy and improv with his team Triceratops and makes movies (Spaghettiman) and video sketches (Youtube) with his team Heckbender. He’s the laziest member of both teams. We had to copy and paste this bio from a different website because he never sent us one.

BRAND RACKLEY – “Anthony Banner”

Brand Rackley is an actor living and working in Los Angeles whose work can be seen in a wide array of projects for Fox Digital Studios,,,,, and most recently,’s F-Comedy. Before Spaghettiman, Rackley’s recent film work included a starring role in the theater slacker comedy, Cinema Six. When he’s not working in film or commercials, he studies and performs improv at The Nerdist School, performs live as part of the sketch group One Magical Night, and also writes, produces and acts in comedic web content as part of the sketch group, HeckBender.


Joe LoCicero is a Los Angeles based actor who grew up in Long Island, New York. He is currently working with Tommy Wiseau productions, is a member of the Long Beach Shakespeare company, and “The Improv Space” theater in Westwood. He is also a Muay Thai and MMA fighter and instructor. He has more abs than you can count.

LEIGH WULFF- “Katie Banner”

LA based actress, Leigh Wulff, is so excited she just can’t, to be apart of this epic super hero story. This is the second adventurous journey into the damsel in distress role. Her head was ripped off in the B style cult horror Love in the Time of Monsters. You can catch her every first Sunday of the month at LA’s iO West main stage in the critically acclaimed sketch team War Room.


Potts co-founded Singletree Productions in 2006 and has made numerous award-winning short films and feature films. His last feature film,Cinema Sixstarred John Merriman (Pit StopPictures of Superheroes), Maggie Carey (The To Do List), and Barry Corbin (Anger ManagementNo Country For Old Men) and is available everywhere. He currently lives in Los Angeles working as an editor and creating comedy videos with HeckBender, a comedy troupe featured on Huffington Post, Slashfilm, Badass Digest, and Funny or Die.


Molly Becker is a Los Angeles based cinematographer who has been working in the industry for 5 years. Spaghettiman is Molly’s feature length debut as a DP. Previously, she has worked in both TV and film, varying from live events and documentary, to reality and new media, which helped prepare her for the fast-paced, spaghetti-slinging set headed by director Mark Potts. She thinks spaghetti is a dish best served cold- no wait, that’s revenge.


Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe him.

Vance Kotrla - Composer

Vance is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, a filmmaker, and a cult movie blogger. He is a singer and guitarist in the Los Angeles alt-folk band Sci-Fi Romance, and before that, he went around yelling in metal bands. He has composed music for over a dozen short films and two features.