The 2016 Oxford Film Festival Experience

Spaghettiman went to the 2016 Oxford Film Festival in beautiful Oxford, Mississippi and we truly believe the town will never be the same. In fact, he might have physically left, but his memory will live on forever or until Wednesday or Thursday.

We were able to go on local news to talk about the film. Needless to say, the reporters were... confused.

We went on 95.5 The BullsEye to discuss the film and again, very interesting...

We had two screenings, both went very, very well. However, only one was planned. The premiere screening February 19 had a great, enthusiastic crowd show up, ask some awesome questions, and laugh a lot.

The second screening was added the morning of Saturday for that night. Why? Apparently, people wanted more! Those who couldn't be there the first time wanted a chance to see the film. And we had to hustle. Hustle hard. And look at the turnout:

We couldn't have done this without the help of the film festival, of course, but also Chris Holland. Holland is a film festival veteran and genius and gave us invaluable advice and help on how to achieve a good screening and festival experience. We will forever thank him and possibly send him spaghetti at random times.

The film also received a lot of love. First, from Hammer to Nail, Mark Bell reviewed the film and said, "In the end, though, Spaghettiman is a welcome addition to the superhero genre, and in a cinematic landscape where Batman, Deadpool, Ant-Man, and Kick-Ass exist, there’s more than enough room for a reluctant hero who shoots spaghetti from his body. Whether you find the film brilliant or stupid, it’s hard not to find it funny."

Next, from film critic Edward Douglas:

And also from Eric D. Snider:

And the crowds seem to really like it, enough to pose for pictures with our new and beloved superhero:

We met a lot of great people at the festival and had a lot of fun. Maybe too much fun (you'll know what we mean if you were driving to Memphis from the south around 4:00 am Sunday morning and came across a large pile of white vomit). Thank you to Melanie Addington for letting the film play. Thanks to John Wildman for getting us a lot of press (we hope no one hates you now.) Thanks for the volunteers who kicked a lot of ass throughout the fest making sure everyone could have a fun time. And thanks to everyone who turned out and laughed. We will never forget it.